@mnapoli opened this Pull Request on December 30th 2014 Contributor

Translations were stored in a $GLOBALS array and handled by a static class Piwik\Translate. Furthermore, handling of translations were spread all over the place, caching logic was mixed with translation logic, …

This refactoring contains:

  • created a Translation component following the naming of Symfony's Translation component ("Translator" class, "Loaders", …)
  • all logic related to loading/handling translations is now encapsulated in that component
  • classes of that component are using dependency injection
  • Piwik\Translate is kept for BC and forwards call to the new Translator class
  • that new component is decoupled from the rest of Piwik (except for a few exceptions to improve later): it doesn't know about the HTTP request, about Plugins, about Piwik directories, etc...
  • translations are lazily loaded, i.e. you ask for a french translation then french translations will be loaded automatically
  • that means that Piwik/plugins don't have to tell the translator to load anything: the plugin manager just configures the directories where to find translations (which are the installed plugins…)
  • there is a LoaderInterface with the following implementations:
    • JsonFileLoader
    • LoaderCache: caches another loader by wrapping it (which would be the JsonFileLoader)
  • that way of caching things brings the following benefits:
    • caching can be configured in DI, and disabled with the container using the new dev environment (which addresses this TODO)
    • core translations are cached as well as the plugin ones, which fixes #6060
  • as said above, there's a new dev environment (= new DI config file) where translation cache is disabled: this environment can be used for other things as well
  • there is now a fallback mechanism (previously all translations were merged together in one array): if a french/… translation is not found, then the english one is returned
  • that fallback mechanism would allow to do #4983 (regional overrides) by having multiple fallbacks, for example: fr_CA (canadian french) would fallback to fr which would fallback to en (not implemented)
  • moved Piwik\Translate\Writer and its subclasses to the LanguagesManager plugin because these classes were only used in that plugin

And I was able to unit tests the new classes, which is just an awesome feeling :)

There's still a lot of room for improvement, I'll keep working on that PR. Feedback welcome!

@mnapoli commented on January 5th 2015 Contributor

OK to review and merge (once tests are finished and green)

When merged, TODO:

  • [x] close #6060
  • [x] the submodule CustomAlerts should be merged and configured for master in piwik/piwik
@mnapoli commented on January 5th 2015 Contributor

OK I need to rebase again… Also this PR is for 2.11 so maybe don't merge yet?

@mattab commented on January 5th 2015 Member

It looks excellent, a nice clean code change for the new year :+1:

@mnapoli commented on January 5th 2015 Contributor


Cool you also updated everything else thanks!

This Pull Request was closed on January 5th 2015
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