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I tried to remove and rename the default Menu Item but unable to do, I'm developing a plugin which will create there custom menu so i need to remove and rename some of the default menu.

I use this guide : https://developer.piwik.org/api-reference/Piwik/Menu/MenuAbstract#remove

When I tried this remove() function on my created menu it works but when I tried same on default menu its not working at all.

     $menu->addItem('UI Framework', 'Report 1', $this->urlForAction('showList'), $orderId = 30);
     $menu->addItem('UI Framework', 'Report 2', $this->urlForAction('showList'), $orderId = 30);
     $menu->addItem('UI Framework', 'Report 3', $this->urlForAction('showList'), $orderId = 30);
     $menu->addItem('UI Framework', 'Report 4', $this->urlForAction('showList'), $orderId = 30);
     $menu->rename('Goals','Add a new Goal','Goalsss','Add Goal'); //Not Working
     $menu->remove('Goals');  //Not Working
     $menu->rename('UI Framework','','UI Frameworkss',''); // Working
@tsteur commented on January 4th 2015 Member

You'll probably have to use the translation token of 'Goals' which is either Goals_EcommerceAndGoalsMenu in case ecommerce is enabled for a site or Goals_Goals if ecommerce is disabled.



I haven't tested it so let me know whether it works. If not, Piwik 2.10. might fix an issue related to the order of which plugins are loaded.

Removing menu items is a bit of a pain currently since one has to know the translation keys. We hope to improve this at some point!

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