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The goal of this issue is to investigate various bug reports by users when a reverse / ssl proxy is used in Piwik.

Reverse proxy / wrong URLs:

  • [ ] Sparklines fail to load behind reverse proxy because of wrong URI #5288
  • [ ] Some URLs not resolved appropriately behind proxy #6644

Proxy issue with SSL:

  • [x] When Real time map is loaded over https, it does not always load the SVG files over ssl #6703
  • [ ] HTML email reports: Links to Piwik and Icons not working on HTTPS (IP address used instead of hostname) #5250
@mlissner commented on February 10th 2016

The documentation seems to indicate that Piwik will work fine behind a proxy:


Since there have been known issues for so long, is there any chance that a note could be added there that says which features won't work if you set up Piwik behind a proxy? It'd save people a lot of time. I'm a novice at Apache, and a newb at proxies, and I assumed for a long time that this was my misconfiguration, before realizing I should maybe search Piwik's issues.

@mattab commented on November 19th 2017 Member

Hi, Since #12011 was merged, we consider this issue fixed. Please check the FAQ here for more information: https://piwik.org/faq/how-to-install/faq_98/

Feedback welcome!

Only remaining issue open is https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/5250 which we'll fix soon

This Issue was closed on November 19th 2017
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