@mgazdzik opened this Issue on December 16th 2014 Contributor

It seems that there is parameter misuse while invalidating old reports.
In https://github.com/piwik/piwik/blob/master/core/DataAccess/ArchiveInvalidator.php#L139
used parameter only says how often reports are being purged, and not for what time window. This causes that for ex. having this set to 1 day practically prevents any reports from being invalidated, regardless what is actual time window for removing old data.
I think that this parameter should be replaced with delete_logs_older_than days.

Steps to reproduce error:

  • enable raw data removing
  • try to invalidate reports older than 1 week (default data removal interval)
  • should cause exception and prevent reports from being invalidated, even though raw data should be still in database
@mattab commented on December 17th 2014 Member

Hi @mgazdzik - that's a great find! thanks for the report.

This Issue was closed on December 17th 2014
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