@unhammer opened this Issue on December 8th 2014

We have some events that presumably are fairly concentrated around some hours of the day. It doesn't seem like Piwik can show a graph of when an event typically happens within a day. It'd be nice to have, for a selected time period (day, week, month), a graph showing number of events per hourly bucket:

1 *

17 ****
18 ***

19 *****

23 **

So if user selected a week, the "23" bucket here is all events over that week that happened between 23 and 00.

A business might find it useful for deciding when to employ live chat customer service, or when to say "our processing server is quite busy this time of day, if it's too slow you might want to try again after X o'clock", etc.

(Originally posted at http://forum.piwik.org/read.php?3,122547,122621#msg-122621 )

@maxmashnitsky commented on June 2nd 2015

Could you please let me know when the issue are going to be implemented?

@clemenslermen commented on July 21st 2015

Bought the concurrent visits plugin - so far so good. But it really is only useable for visits - but I need to track events with it. Can you finde a solution here?

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