@mattab opened this Issue on December 1st 2014 Member

The goal of this issue is to review the Device Detection segments such as browserCode and operatingSystemCode.

  • Currently the valid segment values for browserCode are FF, CH, IE, etc.
    • would be more understandable and guessage to use firefox, chrome, internet explorer etc.
    • the segment auto suggest values should contain automatically all the top browsers we know of, instead of using the Live auto suggested feature.
    • for Backward compatibility we should still accept FF, CH etc. and define firefox or Chrome as aliases to those ones.
  • Same applies to operatingSystemCode where segment values would be pretty string such as windows xp, windows 7, GNU/Linux
    • it's case insensitive, both Windows XP and windows xp will alias to WXP

Implementation: refs suggestedValuesCallback feature.

@RMastop commented on February 5th 2015 Contributor

One of the things I miss the most in devicedetection, is the concatenation of all individual reports.
For example:
a devices report containing the Devicetype + Model + Operatingsystem family + browser family + Resolution
a devices report containing the Devicetype + Model + Operatingsystem version + browser version + Resolution

This report will be really fragmented, but it will give the developers of websites a pretty nice view of the combinations of devices that visit the website. Some companies have a policy for supporting at least the top x% of most visited combination of devices.

@sgiehl commented on February 5th 2015 Member

@RMastop Guess your comment might be related to #6933

@RMastop commented on February 5th 2015 Contributor

Yes, @sgiehl being able to see the combination of 'things' would be awesome!

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