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The goal of this issue is to make the Custom Variables reporting more useful by letting user select (eg. star) the Custom Variables names that are most important to her. User will be able to see the list of Values for each starred custom variable.

Proposed steps:

  • Let user pick custom variable of interest, eg. maybe a new star like icon in the Custom variables table rows. Persist the list per-user?)
  • Those custom variables that were clicked will then have their own sub-menu on the Custom Variable page (eg. a left menu selector). By clicking on the menu it will load the values for this custom variable.
  • The starred Custom Variable names can be displayed in the Graph metric picker to let user graph the overall number of visits/pages for those custom variables.
  • Show the "Segmented visitor log" icon for each row "Custom variable value" https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/8837
  • Maybe we check that Insights report work well for a Custom Variable.
  • When custom variable values are numbers, we could display interesting reports:
    • Average values
    • Minimum / maximum values
    • Total number of unique values
    • possibly show a histogram bar graph of the values

Please comment with your ideas or suggestions

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@mattab commented on July 7th 2017 Member

We won't do this because now we recommend to use Custom Dimensions, which actually implements most of these suggestions! :tada: https://piwik.org/docs/custom-dimensions/

This Issue was closed on July 7th 2017
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