@kghbln opened this Issue on November 20th 2014

Currently an admin of Piwik has to click on the user menue and then on any subitem of the menue to see if third-party plugins need to be updated. Even then this note is just a tiny number in brackets right of the Plugin menue item. I believe that it will be great to have the notification prominently at the same spot as for core. Thank you for considering this enhancement request.

@tsteur commented on November 20th 2014 Member


@sirtet commented on February 27th 2015

...Even then this note is just a tiny number in brackets right of the Plugin menue item.

Can't even find where that is.

There IS a more visible indicator, but ONLY if available updates are detected:
The plugin shows up on the top of the plugins list then.

To be more clear, i'd suggest a status indicator on the plugins page, similar to the one for core updates.
In my duplicate i suggested an example for the core update-status:

You are using Piwik version z.x.y
All plugins are up to date (3 need manual check)

For that i assumed that not all plugins can be auto-updated.
Am i right about that?
If so, this should be clearly stated, so nobody is in false securiy (about missing possible security updates).

eg. a Message on the top of the plugins list:

2 of your active plugins can not be checked for updates automatically, you need to check manually!

@tsteur commented on March 1st 2015 Member

Displaying it there sounds very good. We were thinking about it recently and didn't think of this :+1:

@MagicFab commented on August 17th 2015

When plugins need to be updated there is an indicator (number) next to the plugins label in the administration menu. This requires actively looking into this menu.

Plugin upgrade notifications could also be aligned (in timing) with regular / point release upgrade Piwik notifications. Another concern is backwards compatibility. Should a plugin be updated ASAP? Is there a check for BC/dependencies?

These are just suggestions, the main goal is to make plugin upgrade notifications more visible.

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