@mattab opened this Issue on November 9th 2014 Member

The goal of this issue is to add support for GeoIP PECL to geo locate IPv6 addresses.

in #3581 and #6574 we've added geo location capability to IPv6 addresses. It works for GeoIP (Php) and for GeoIP (HTTP Server Module). However the feature is not yet added to the PECL extension and this is tracked in this bug report: https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=59124

@cyplo commented on February 26th 2017

It seems that the referenced PECL bug is closed now - is there more work on Piwik side to be done here ?

Quoting from PECL bug tracker:

[2016-08-19 00:32 UTC] ohill@php.net
-Status: Assigned +Status: Closed
[2016-08-19 00:32 UTC] ohill@php.net
Available in 1.1.1

@mattab commented on March 22nd 2017 Member

@cyplo We haven't tested yet. Could you maybe test the new PECL release and report whether it works or not?

@NitroxydeX commented on March 24th 2017

We have the latest geoip-1.1.1 but it still doesn't recognize the v6 file as it seems.

@sgiehl commented on March 4th 2022 Member

Closing this one, as we meanwhile deprecated support for GeoIP and GeoIP2 should support IPv6

This Issue was closed on March 4th 2022
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