@orismology opened this Issue on November 7th 2014

Currently, the rainbow of folders in the "Visitors in real time" widget, while pretty, doesn't provide much information.
It would be very useful to be able to assign colours to various pages based upon a set of rules. We could have one colour for blog posts or categories or product pages, etc. These colours could also be shown in the more comprehensive visitor log.
This would give a quick visual overview of the paths taken by a visitor through a site, and would allow quick analysis of popular sections and pages.

@wikiloops commented on November 7th 2014

Great idea, +1

@Glisse1 commented on November 8th 2014

This has been requested previously, but it is complicated.. because if you have a site with 10-15-20 pages, maybe it is doable and such a feature would make sense.. but for a blog with thousands of articles/pages this wouldn`t. And most sites do have hundreds and thousands of pages so unique color is nor an option neither useful.

Anyhow, I also wanted such unique visuals and made them myself.. my site has <20 pages, and it is actually pretty easy and requires only some 5 minutes work to modify a template and assign unique png`s to different pages.

End result is like in the photo bellow, each page that I care has an unique png assigned and is recorded as such, all the rest have a standard color. If you are willing to do it yourself, and want further help with the code needed write me at shadow.walk@yahoo.com


@orismology commented on November 8th 2014

I was imagining more of a pattern-based system, rather than just induvidual
URLs. What you've done seems great - what's the starting point to do this
in the code? I wonder if this is possible through piwik's plugin system...

@Glisse1 commented on November 9th 2014

Well, of course it is possible through a plugin, but that requires manpower.. there are plugins in the wishlist for several years, and frankly many of them much more useful than this little trick which only requires some 5 mins of work to do it yourself:)

I tried to copy here the code needed but github tries to run it and i dont know how to stop it from doing that. hence you need to give me your e-mail or something.

@orismology commented on November 9th 2014

Hmm... I'll send you an email. I'm going to have a crack at knocking something up, plugin-wise, and will, with any luck, post here when I have something that's working.

@wikiloops commented on November 9th 2014

I'm also monitoring a page with over 20k pages, so the individual icon per page is not for me :)
Being able to asign a color for pages that belong to a certain page segment (p.e. help section, sign up, content pages, internal search) would be of great help tho.
Ideally, one should at some point be able to asign colours with an interface similar to the one used to define goals, which would allow flexible concepts for the per-page and the per-segment definitions.
Looking foreward to what you guys are coming up with!

@orismology commented on November 11th 2014

So, I've had a go at implementing this as a plugin. It's quite crude, probably horribly insecure, and hardly intuitive. But, for now, it works, though I wouldn't recommend using it on a production website.

There's also likely a much better way to achieve this, but I've come at this with zero knowledge of the piwik infrastructure, so if someone wants to investigate how it could be improved, be my guest.


I haven't considered adding it to the marketplace for two reasons: first, It's nowhere near ready for a wide release; and second, I don't know how.

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