@tsteur opened this Pull Request on November 5th 2014 Member

#6317. We will by default always run a --dry-run before actually upgrading and then ask the user for confirmation to execute those updates. Alternatively a user can use an option --yes to avoid asking for confirmation.

@mattab commented on November 6th 2014 Member

I haven't tested but the change is a good idea. Could you update the developer changelog and let's remember to upgrade the docs at: http://piwik.org/docs/update/

ping @mgazdzik we will have to change the puppet scripts to remove --dry-run

@mgazdzik commented on November 6th 2014 Contributor

@mattab - AFAIK we're not using --dry-option run in any automation anywhere

@tsteur commented on November 6th 2014 Member

Added changelog entry although I thought it is not really needed in this case. The upgrade docs do also not mention any dry-run option so probably no need to update anything there.

This Pull Request was closed on November 7th 2014
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