@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on April 14th 2009

So I just did a fresh install of the newest version of Piwik (0.2.34) and so it showed me just 1 visitor (me). When I set "enable_browser_archiving_triggering" in the global.ini.php to 0 and refreshed the page, it showed mit zero vistors. Well I wondered myself and changed it back to the default value 1 and voila, it showed me the one visitor again.
Might this be a bug?

@mattab commented on April 15th 2009 Member

This is not a bug: if you disable browser archiving by setting enable_browser_archiving_triggering = 0 then archiving won't be triggered via the browser. If your time_before_archive_considered_outdated is set to 10 seconds for example (default value) and you request today's archive after 30 seconds, then the available archive is not valid (too old) and nothing will be shown as archiving via browser is disabled.

Conclusion: if you set enable_browser_archiving_triggering = 0 make sure you have a crontab job running at least every time_before_archive_considered_outdated seconds to process today's archive.

@mattab commented on April 15th 2009 Member

however that leads to a feature request:

  • archive.sh should accept a parameter to process today's archive

if you'd like to propose a patch for archive.sh please feel free that'd be useful!

@mattab commented on March 29th 2010 Member

my analysis was wrong, this is actually a duplicate of #1150

@mattab commented on March 29th 2010 Member

Note that archive.sh archives today's stats already.

This Issue was closed on March 29th 2010
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