@wikiloops opened this Issue on November 1st 2014

It is a great option to be able to "Open row evolutions" from the data tables of dashboard widgets.
It does however take some time to do that -
a usecase:
I have changed something about the project I am tracking, and now I want to make sure it really works on all browsers - I will check if there are significant peaks in bounce-rates or time-on-page on each commonly used browser, which are excellent indicators if I have missed something.

It would be very handy to have some kind of indicator right on any data table offering row evolutions, which would show if the data of this row has changed significantly (p.e. by + / - 10%) over a given period of time.

A second option would be a "significant changes"-widget, which could list the most significantly changed metrics across all tracked data.
That would be a very, very helpfull thing to have - and it would point to important metrics one might have otherwise missed (thinking of new users).

Such widget might solve issue #6507 as well, while being usefull to the everyday users, too.

@wikiloops commented on November 2nd 2014

I have been thinking on the issue some longer. If that would be of help, I'd be happy to outline my idea on the widget in more depth.
Of course there needs to be some kind of built-in concept of how to detect a significant change - please let me know if any more detailed ideas from my side seem usefull at this point!
I'm still new to this, so any guidance is apreciated! Thx

@tsteur commented on November 2nd 2014 Member

You might want to check out the widgets "Insights => Movers and Shakers" and "Insights => Insights Overview". Movers and shakers shows you things that have significantly more changed compared to other things while Insights Overview "only" shows you things that have changed the most in general. Both do not work for any metric yet. I think they only check visits or so (no bounce rate etc). You can also enable the Insights view in each report by clicking on the bulb below any report.

If you cannot see anything of this, you might have to enable insights plugin under "Settings => Plugins". This is not exactly what you have requested but can be a start that works already now.

@wikiloops commented on November 2nd 2014

Great, thanks for the hint!
Just checked both widgets and the "bulb" variant.
It is as you put it - both are sticking to the seemingly most prominent metric like visits as indicators (which is not bad for a start).
This is still pretty short of what I had in mind, but definetly a good starting point.
I will use the features for a few days to get an overview- looks like it does not raise the flag on some things I feel especially the unexperienced PIWIK user might be happy to get informed about, whilst showing some extreme values on metrics which have little value or no surprise effect...

I was aiming at adittional "flags" indicating a certain row of data has a significant change in one of its metrics, so one could follow those hints without having to do anything about the widgets - switching each widget to the "bulb" view and back did not feel quicker and seemed less informative than looking at the row evolution of some relevant rows.
One way to do this could be to use the "graph" icon used to open the row evolution - it could stay "hidden-until-mouseover" (as is) on rows without change, and be displayed in green or red in rows with changes... that would be excellent IMO.
Rows with low population should ideally be excluded from this even when displayed, so the amount of "attention raisers" would be limited.

@wikiloops commented on November 5th 2014

just opened #6600 to keep feedback on "insights" seperated from "significant changes"-indication -
the two UX aspects mentioned there should propably be considered on this issue here as well.

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