@wikiloops opened this Issue on November 1st 2014

When looking at the "Visitors in Real Time" widget, every refresh issues two seperate http requests, one for the 24h/30min chart at the top of the widget and one for the content table.
Grouping those two into one request would save a lot of hits & transfer time.

When adding the "Real time visitor count" widget to my dashoard, I realized this will issue a request of its own as well, so I assume someone adding all available live widgets to a dashboard would cause quite a rage of requests just by looking at PIWIK.
Webhosts offering cheap shared hosting will not be fond of that I'm affraid.

Since the "Real time visitor count" is a quite related metric to the one displayed in the classic "Visitors in Real Time", maybe it would be a simple solution to merge the two and to refresh them by one single http request.

related issue: #6545

@mattab commented on November 3rd 2014 Member

Merging the two requests is a good idea! we could issue a bulk API request with both requests.

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