@tsteur opened this Issue on October 30th 2014 Member

Currently, some screenshot tests containing the PIWIK_INCLUDE_PATH which makes the tests fail on some servers if for instance not the same linux user is used as on travis. Solution: See #6429 as suggested by @diosmosis we could grep the html output for PiwikIncludePath and replace it with '/' for instance.

Currently failing tests on AWS

UIIntegrationTest_admin_plugins Expected    

System check and security infos both fail as well. Not sure how to make them work on all servers. Probably we'll have to "inject/mock" the security result in PHP layer to see if it is rendered well. For this we could use DI. Mocking it is fine as we are only interested in testing the Controller / template / CSS / JS layer anyway. The actual logic of the security check should be tested in Unit/Integration tests.

@diosmosis commented on October 30th 2014 Member

If SystemCheck & SecurityInfo are migrated to use angularjs, we could use $httpBackend. Which would be closer to what I wanted for UI tests (ie, don't test PHP API too, just JS + UI related PHP code).

@mattab commented on October 30th 2014 Member

@diosmosis you won't easily convince me to skip testing PHP API in UI tests. IMO it's a major benefit of our screenshot tests :)

@diosmosis commented on October 30th 2014 Member

Technically API should be tested by system + Integration tests (and maybe sometimes unit). Ideally, UI shouldn't. And since it currently loads data from a SQL dump that has been pre-archived, it doesn't really.

@tsteur commented on October 30th 2014 Member

@diosmosis :+1: 100% true. Such API's have to be covered by unit and integration tests and not by UI tests. UI tests should be only there to "test" Controller, Templates, CSS and partially JS . To be clear: If not, we waste a lot of time (and money) and end up having more bugs etc

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