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Our JavaScript is loaded via index.php. Some of them contain source mapping information to still have readable code even when the loaded code is minified etc.

//# sourceMappingURL=angular.min.js.map

Problem is the map files are not in the root directory where it tries to load it because of index.php but in some folders like libs/.... Meaning whenever we open the developer tools it cannot load the map file. This leads to 404 errors which is not that bad but can be annoying if used with loganalytics etc.

Either we have to remove all such definitions when building the merged asset or fix the path to the merged asset. Fixing the path would actually only fix 404 issues but the mapping would still be broken as we merge multiple files into one and it would be no longer able to resolve variables to it's original value etc. So we would have to generate our own "mapping". This is something we probably don't want to build. Rather we should use a minified in the future that does this for us.

So best idea is to remove all such comments I think

@mattab commented on October 29th 2014 Owner

So best idea is to remove all such comments I think


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