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The goal of this issue is to understand how this bug can occur and prevent it from occurring again in the future.

PiwikPluginsScheduledReportsAPI.sendReport_6,ERROR: The report file wasn't found in /home/piwik/piwik/tmp/assets/HTML Email Report - 6.2014-10-23.1009.en.html 
PiwikPluginsScheduledReportsAPI.sendReport_9,Time elapsed: 35.626s


  • Where/when this bug occurs
    • triggered in Scheduled Tasks: when the report is being sent somehow the HTML file has already been deleted
    • this bug seems to be randomly occurring
  • Follows up #6454
  • How do we prevent the error in the future?
    • eg. maybe a concurrent request is somehow deleting the tmp/ folder just before the report was sent, and this could be removed?
    • eg. When a scheduled report fails to send, maybe we could re-schedule it automatically once instead of failing?
    • instead of failing and throw an exception maybe we log as ERROR or WARN instead?
@mattab commented on March 19th 2015 Member

I haven't heard recent reports about this one, so decreasing priority

@mattab commented on September 11th 2015 Member

I still haven't heard recent reports about this one, so closing

This Issue was closed on September 11th 2015
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