@mgazdzik opened this Pull Request on October 27th 2014 Contributor

Refs #6516

@tsteur commented on October 28th 2014 Owner

Off topic: Maybe it makes sense to think about a refactoring of the Archiver in the next 3-4 months. Usually, I build a generator after making the API's simpler to avoid people generating things that will be deprecated later. Providing a very simple API for Archiver would be awesome but also really hard.

@mgazdzik commented on November 11th 2014 Contributor

@tsteur - I've included your feedback suggestions. Would you mind taking a look again and letting me know what you think ?
Thanks in advance :)


@tsteur commented on November 11th 2014 Owner

Looks good otherwise, just the two changes and then we can merge.

@mgazdzik commented on November 12th 2014 Contributor

@tsteur thanks for feedback. Commited changes to repo.

@tsteur commented on November 12th 2014 Owner


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