@wotis opened this Issue on October 23rd 2014

On webservers without CLI the archive.php can not be run as cronjob anymore. The script stops with the message, that the token_auth is required, which can't be added as commandline-parameter.

Till < 2.8.2 everything was fine. See also

@diosmosis commented on October 24th 2014 Member

Are you running php /path/to/piwik/console core:archive ... or php /path/to/piwik/misc/cron/archive.php ...? If using archive.php can you switch to using php console core:archive ... and see if it works?

@wotis commented on October 24th 2014

console does not work on 1&1 managed webservers. I have to use archive.php. See referenced issue https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/6012 for the discussion why.

@diosmosis commented on October 24th 2014 Member

Can you add to token_auth=... your php-cgi command and see if it works? eg, php-cgi -f /path/to/piwik/misc/cron/archive.php token_auth=....

@wotis commented on October 25th 2014

Thank you diosmosis!
Adding the token_auth=... with a blank after the archive.php worked! Cron is now running again under version 2.8.3.

This Issue was closed on October 25th 2014
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