@mrjoops opened this Issue on October 23rd 2014

I manage a Piwik instance with more than 20000 sites and users in it and a 60 GB database.
This instance is going to track 50000 sites before the end of the year.
Tracking and reporting APIs are OK but the UI just don't work :

  • the multisite view complains about a DB issue (but the DB is fine)
  • the "Manage Websites" view doesn't display any website, and crashes my browser (Firefox & Chrome)
  • the "Manage Users" view doesn't at all, and crashes my browser too.

I experience these issues with the latest 2.8.3 (and since the pre-2.0 era)

@mattab commented on October 27th 2014 Owner

Thanks for the report! see also #3838 #4474 #4476

@sgreiner commented on November 5th 2014 Contributor

This is a very important issue. My company currently tracks around 800 websites. The UI is very slow, we have to wait minutes until the browsers render the Table of websites in the SitesManager. I think pagination would greatly help here.

@mattab commented on November 6th 2014 Owner

sure, we also agree that pagination will help. But this project will take a few days of work. If your company wants to help us sponsor then please get in touch: http://piwik.org/consulting/

@mattab commented on December 18th 2014 Owner

See #3838 #4474 #4476 and the master ticket #6759

@mattab commented on June 18th 2015 Owner

This was fixed in 2.13.0

@mrjoops commented on June 19th 2015

Not for the "Manage users" view actually.

@mattab commented on June 22nd 2015 Owner
This Issue was closed on December 18th 2014
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