@akiebs opened this Issue on October 23rd 2014

Since we can have multiple sites tracked by one piwik installation it would be good to have a separate opt-out for each site.
Turning tracking off on one site shall not switch tracking of another site tracked by the same piwik instance. It might confuse users coming to a site they never were and finding tracking turned off "by default". Just in case they turn it on, i.e. to get better recommendations on a specific site, and tracking switches automatically on another site as well even having turned it off before might cause troubles for the site owners.


@mattab commented on November 17th 2014 Member

Thanks for the suggestion! see also Privacy options applied for single site. #6653

@mattab commented on August 31st 2015 Member

It was suggested in #8578 that first party cookies would be useful to have, as we wouldn't have to use a pop-up to set the cookie on the third party domain. refs #8646

Note: when we would use First party cookie for opt-out, we would effectively have a separate opt-out for each "hostname", not as the issue title says a separate opt-out "for each website in Piwik" (a website in piwik can have many URLs hostnames but still user would need to opt-out from each domain.

@matomoto commented on January 16th 2018

Use separate javascript and cookie.
Check this https://www.penultima.de/optin/matomo.php

@tsteur commented on September 3rd 2020 Member

Note: this can be achieved using a custom opt out form https://developer.matomo.org/guides/tracking-javascript-guide#optional-creating-a-custom-opt-out-form

It's pretty much the only way to make this work reliably.

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