@mikeSimonson opened this Issue on April 10th 2009

Hi after a clean full update of piwik. I uploaded everything by ftp because the provided update method failed.
I don't have any referrers stat anymore. the graph show no data available.

If anyone know a way to come back to a stable state. I suppose i can't use piwik 0.2.32 because of the updated table.

@robocoder commented on April 13th 2009 Contributor

According to others in the forum, downgrading to 0.2.32 worked. The database change in 0.2.33 was to set utf8 char set explicitly (and alter existing tables accordingly).

Before you rollback, do you have any server side error log messages?

@mattab commented on April 13th 2009 Member

i'm assuming it duplicates #648

@mikeSimonson commented on April 14th 2009

How to check for server side errors.

I have also updated geoip plugin table and i don't know if i can use the previous version with the updated table. i think i can't.

i made the change in trunk/core/Common.php as explained there fix #1061 . (fix of the bug number #648)
But it changed nothing still no search engine, keywords and referres sites.

@mattab commented on April 14th 2009 Member

fix will work only for visits onwards (it won't fix previous visits).
please close ticket once you see search engines reappearing for today's visits.

to check for server side errors, look for a file called "error.log"
on linux it is usually in /var/log/apache2/error.log

@mikeSimonson commented on April 14th 2009

I can't access the server side log because i have only a mutualised server with ovh.

@mikeSimonson commented on April 15th 2009

How to close a ticket and set the status to fixed ?

This Issue was closed on April 15th 2009
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