@cdgraff opened this Pull Request on April 25th 2013 Contributor

Added support to Icecast2 HTTP logs format. NCSA_EXTENDED + SessionTime

*SessionTime is expresed on seconds

I have request this feature a few months ago into this ticket:

Now after some research I have integrated the change, will be great if can merge this into the official release.

I have tested with one logs file with more than

501600 lines parsed, 499714 lines recorded, 213 records/sec (avg), 378 records/sec (current)

Here one screenshot how the stats widget look, after process this log file:


@sgiehl commented on April 25th 2013 Member

Shouldn't we add some tests for that, too?

@mattab commented on April 25th 2013 Member

Yes that would be a nice bonus, but sometimes it feels good to merge & forget about it :8ball:

@mattab commented on February 12th 2014 Member

@cdgraff could you please send over some logs for this format? we will add the tests finally!

@cdgraff commented on February 13th 2014 Contributor

hi @mattab, here some lines https://gist.github.com/cdgraff/c0cd1ab6f2590ddfc00f let me know if need more...

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