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Hi everyone!

We would like to improve how decisions and discussions happen for major changes in Piwik. The community is so wide and spread across the globe that it's not always easy to communicate.

To improve this, we have created a new RFC tag for GitHub issues (RFC stands for Request For Comments).

When use the RFC tag?

When discussing a major change, everyone is encouraged to open a GitHub ticket with this tag to invite everyone to the discussion. Then hopefully the discussion will bring out the best solution. If a RFC has had no comment after a few days, the author can then assume that everybody is OK with the change.

Answering to a RFC with +1 is OK! It will save everybody a lot of time. However if you disagree with it, it's of course best to explain why :)

When not to use the RFC tag?

RFC is not meant for requesting a code review on a pull request. Let's keep it to discuss ideas and solutions.

We will also try to keep the number of RFCs low so that it's easy to follow them.

As you can see this issue is a RFC :) That means that we can discuss other solutions if you have any ideas.

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Closing this!

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