@MichalTomczak opened this Issue on October 20th 2014

The whole map is blank with some of the countries being Whitted (see screenshot) upon clicking on map error is displayed: "TypeError: undefined is not
a function"
This issue is being observed on Piwik Cloud
Tested on different browsers - works fine
screen shot 2014-10-20 at 13 51 25

@mnapoli commented on October 20th 2014 Contributor

I can reproduce it on my own Piwik 2.7.0 instance, but on master, the demo instance and Piwik cloud the map displays correctly (2.8.0).

I guess we can close if this is fixed in 2.8.0?

@mattab commented on October 21st 2014 Member

duplicates #6432

This Issue was closed on October 21st 2014
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