@redam opened this Issue on October 15th 2014


I have 2 different piwik installations and this morning I upgraded them to 2.8.0 and now both of them show me this error when I access "Visitors / Custom Variables" :
Action 'index' not found in the module 'CustomVariables'.

I've seen another issue about this error but it was for 2.6.1 and the solution didn't work for me (and I'm not sure the problem was the same).

@DaSchTour commented on October 15th 2014 Contributor

I don't know if it's time to cry or laugh. Since 2.4.1 there was no update without any problems.

@tsteur commented on October 15th 2014 Member

See #6228 #6133 try to clear caches with ./console core:clear-caches in Piwik root directory. If it still does not work maybe restart your webserver or make sure to reset your opcache in case you are using one. Feel free to reopen in case it still does not work for you.

@redam commented on October 16th 2014


I've tried clearing the cache, restarting apache and changing "index" inside Menu.php, but none of them worked, I still get the same error.

@tsteur commented on October 16th 2014 Member

It looks like some files were not copied correctly. I'd suggest to copy the files over again to make sure all files are up to date see http://piwik.org/docs/update/#the-manual-three-step-update

You probably won't have to do any database upgrade in the end. Only download latest Piwik from our website, backup config.ini.php and copy all files to your server. You do not have to update the config folder.

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