@phil-hb opened this Issue on October 13th 2014

my email-reports have the top5-graphs activated, BUT it's always the top5 from the beginning of a period. my expected behaviour would be to have the top5 from the end of the period.


daily reports: i get my report with actual values from yesterday, the graphs show the development of the last 4 weeks until yesterday, BUT as top5 the top5 from four weeks ago are chosen.

so the graphs show the decline or increase from the top5 four weeks ago. but to me it's more interesting to see the decline or increase of the ACTUAL values to monitor upcoming trends or identificate actual referrer-traffic with one view.

@mattab commented on November 3rd 2014 Member

Thanks for the suggestion! I think it will be useful to change it as you suggest. cc @JulienMoumne

@d310n9 commented on July 11th 2019

+1 on this; just encountered the same behavior;

Took 30 minutes of experimenting to figure out that the top 5 are being calculated based on cumulative stats over entire time period


  • we had visits based on application version over 30 days
  • outdated version gets 1k / day, new version got 4k and 10k over last 2 days,
  • as a user i'm interested in the recent changes
  • the top 5 however will show the old ones;
  • if I change the time window to something smaller (E.g. 7 days) new versions show up
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