@ThaDafinser opened this Issue on October 13th 2014 Contributor

i just found http://geocoder-php.org/Geocoder/ https://github.com/geocoder-php/Geocoder

It comes with many GeoIP adapters, which could directly be used by Piwik instead of the custom implementation: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/blob/master/plugins/UserCountry/LocationProvider/GeoIp.php

If a replacement would happen, this would be a good point that the administration GUI is also changed, to list all available GeoIP sources and order them by priority. (see using Using The ChainProvider)

@ThaDafinser commented on October 19th 2015 Contributor

I created a prototype to replace the current UserCountry or as a seperate plugin...needs to be decided later...

New features:

  • unlimited providers (with a chain provider)
  • define provider priority
  • BrowserLocale is now also a provider and not an extra option
  • based on GeoCoder which haves a lot of other providers

see https://github.com/ThaDafinser/Piwik-GeoIpChain

Please provide some feedback here, or at the repo...thx :smile:

//cc @mattab

@sgiehl commented on October 19th 2015 Member

+1 for the idea to improve geolocation. I like the idea of using kind of detection chain to improve results.

@ThaDafinser commented on October 20th 2015 Contributor

@sgiehl it's also required if you want to easily track and geolocate intranet and internet traffic at the same time.

Currently u could use the builtin plugin + https://github.com/ThaDafinser/Piwik-IntranetGeoIP but it's not so easy for enduser

@grzchr15 commented on June 10th 2018

Reminder: Please help to be able to chain LocationProviders
1.) Intranet ( internal IPAM database)
2.) if ip not found use GeoIP2
This is a maybe smaller solution as a fullblown geocoer solution.

Just a hook is needed in GeoIP2 to be able to use https://github.com/ThaDafinser/Piwik-IntranetGeoIP without patching the GeoIP2


@grzchr15 commented on January 4th 2021

Any chance to get a chainable plugin feature to chain
-IP- to intranet location and if not found ( patched example see https://gist.github.com/grzchr15/dfc8e975482ad99e94b620b033da1da5 )
-use GeoIp2 with support from Maxmind/DBIp

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