@sgiehl opened this Pull Request on October 11th 2014 Member

First step of removing old UserSettings stuff (refs #3962)

  • updates DeviceDetector to latest version (and adds missing browser/os icons)
  • old BrowserType reports (UserSettings plugin) has been removed / replaced with new browser engine reports in DeviceDetection plugin
  • those reports will be much more accurate as before the detection was only based on a browser name > browser engine mapping
  • browser eninge is now stored in a new db field
  • browser engine is also available for segmentation
@sgiehl commented on October 11th 2014 Member

Note: As database changes are required for this changes. I'd suggest to merge it as soon as 2.8.0 was releaese. Already named the update script 2.9.0-b1

@sgiehl commented on October 15th 2014 Member

I'm finished with that now.
@mattab please feel free to review again and merge afterwards.
I'll go on with the next steps of removing the old usersettings stuff then.

@sgiehl commented on October 17th 2014 Member

I discussed it with @tsteur. For now it's easier to create the column in the update script

@sgiehl commented on October 19th 2014 Member

@mattab Anything else? Otherwise I guess we can merge

@mattab commented on October 19th 2014 Member

@sgiehl Kuddo for the PR it looks excellent.

Goal is to merge this PR in the coming week right after 2.8.1 https://github.com/piwik/piwik/milestones/Piwik%202.8.1

@sgiehl commented on October 19th 2014 Member

Ok. fine

@sgiehl commented on October 22nd 2014 Member

@mattab guess everything you requested should be changed now. So feel free to merge :)

@sgiehl commented on October 23rd 2014 Member

As there is currently no proper way to call deprecated API methods, I would suggest to merge the PR now. I'll add tests for all UserSettings API methods later

@mattab commented on October 24th 2014 Member

Kuddos for the pull request and the quest to deprecate UserSettings plugin @sgiehl - keep it up!!

This Pull Request was closed on October 24th 2014
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