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The goal of this issue is to discuss the best ways to ensure that when a developer pushes code to Piwik our CI service will run the builds and provide feedback very quickly, ideally under 20 minutes after pushing

Current challenges

  • [x] Too many jobs started - we will reduce the number of jobs in the Travis CI piwik/piwik build. Covered in #6413
  • [ ] Travis CI queuing time - sometimes a build is waiting for 20min or longer causing slow feedback to devs.
  • [x] Allow developer to run tests in the Cloud - to work around this couple team members suggested we run the builds on EC2 #6429 - implemented in #6540


  • [ ] Tests setup times - currently we setup the full webserver + python in each suite. Instead we should only setup webserver+extras when running System tests. Covered in #6312

Please contribute ideas and suggestions so we can make CI feedback as fast as it should ie. within 10-20min!

@sgiehl commented on October 10th 2014 Member

Just a small note: I've already added fast_finish: true to travis.yml some time ago, so travis will mark a build as failure / error as soon as the first job failed/errored. But waiting for a success is a bit long, indeed.

@mattab commented on December 1st 2014 Member

The situation is better in terms of builds times, although the problem is still here. We can also now use the TestRunner plugin to run tests on EC2 which is useful for core devs. I'm moving to Mid term but QA speed will always be on our minds.

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