@gaumondp opened this Issue on October 8th 2014

We already got "./console core:clear-caches", maybe we should get also a "./console core:clear-tmp" and call that one after activation-deactivation of plugins and upgrade. Or implicitly add the clearing of /tmp to "./console core:clear-caches".

BTW a web page with all the CLI commands would be useful(mainly the "core" part) even if typing "./console list" gives us the full possibilities when we are already connected in SSH...

@tsteur commented on October 9th 2014 Owner

Clearing whole tmp directory on top in clear-caches sounds good. BTW: If you need this functionality now this plugin might be useful: http://plugins.piwik.org/cacheBuster

@gaumondp commented on October 9th 2014

Frankly if I'm doing Piwik work, I will always be logged in via SSH and ready to "rm -rf *" inside the temp directory...

I just find it "cleaner" to wipe both directories since the price to pay isn't that much. Maybe I just read too much Forum posts with Matt saying to clear /tmp/ to resolve problems.

I don't know Piwik's internals but if it's not the case, cleaning /tmp/ and caches implicitly when updating Piwik or installing-deinstalling a plugin seems like some extra operations to do everytime. You don't do that everyday as long as you're not a Dev...

@mattab commented on November 3rd 2014 Owner

Thanks for the suggestion @gaumondp

I can still see the value for deleting it from time to time, for example on shared hosting where space is limited. Although I would ideally prefer not to add the command and instead go after each Bug where the tmp/ folder is out of sync. AFAIK we try to fix those problems so that the tmp folder is cleared whenever necessary.

of course If you or anyone has use case for this new command, let us know here!

@gaumondp commented on November 3rd 2014

Again, not a problem for me but I was just looking at /tmp/assets/ and saw 25 MB of PDF reports sleeping there... I could imagine someone adding a cron job every week with /console core:clear-caches to take care of this (or maybe we can provide a FAQ on how to setup a cron cleanup of /tmp/assets/)

I still think whipping /tmp/ on Piwik's update and plugin activation should be added though...

@tsteur commented on November 3rd 2014 Owner

:+1: for cleaning at least on Piwik's update

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