@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on March 31st 2009


To test the campaign feature I changed the campaign vars in global.config.php, but did not remeber that when installing an update of Piwik, so I lost 2 month of campaign information. So please move those parameters into normal config, that is not automatically replaced when updating.



@mattab commented on April 2nd 2009 Member

as stated in top of global.ini.php

; If you want to change some of these default values, the best practise is to override 
; them in your configuration file in config/config.ini.php. If you directly edit this file,
; you risk losing your changes when you upgrade Piwik. 
; For example if you override enable_browser_archiving_triggering, 
; edit config/config.ini.php and add the following:
; [General]
; enable_browser_archiving_triggering = 0
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