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I am trying to show a widget and I need to login for that.
The thing is that the login process leaves a cookie.
I need to find a way to show this widget without leaving a cookie behind.
(The reason is that I don't want anyone to go to the admin interface and be logged in)
I tried to use token_auth but it didn't work.

Any suggestions?


@robocoder commented on March 29th 2009 Contributor

Create a user with view access to that site. Get the token assigned to that user and make sure you're using the right siteid.

The widget URL embedded in your website should be properly encoded for browser portability, eg & becomes &

View the source for Piwik's home page http://piwik.org for a example.

Please use the forum for questions? Thanks.

@robocoder commented on March 29th 2009 Contributor

Sorry that doesn't make sense. I goofed while editing & posting from my iPhone.

There are two ways to embed a widget. The first is Widgetize. If you go to your Widgets menu, you'll see that each widget has an "Embed Iframe". That URL can be embedded in your website.

The other option is to embed a Flash chart directly. You can see examples of this on Piwik's home page.

@mattab commented on March 29th 2009 Member

see also #283 Possibility to export some widgets only without having to give everybody access to all data for a website

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