@BhanuKakarla opened this Issue on September 29th 2014

Hi Team,

I am unable to install the Login Ldap plugin manually in piwiki, I downloaded the zip file and extracted it in plugins folder, still I am not able to install, I have uninstalled it previously an old version, Can you please help me on the same.


@diosmosis commented on September 29th 2014 Member

What version of the plugin are you trying to use?

EDIT: Also, what version of Piwik are you trying to install it with?

@BhanuKakarla commented on September 29th 2014


@BhanuKakarla commented on September 29th 2014

Piwik 2.2.0

@diosmosis commented on September 29th 2014 Member

When you say you are unable to install, do you mean there's no option to activate it in the plugins page? Or is there some error?

BTW, we are currently rewriting LoginLdap, the next version will be 3.0. It will only be compatible w/ Piwik 2.8 and above, but we recommend using it instead of 2.2.7.

@BhanuKakarla commented on September 29th 2014

I am not able to see the LoginLdapin plugins page, Even if I have LoginLdap in the plugins directory

[root@xxxxxxx plugins]# pwd
[root@xxxxxxx plugins]#

[root@xxxxxxxxxxx plugins]# ls -l | grep LoginLdap
drwxrwsrwx 6 apache apache 4096 May 29 17:08 LoginLdap
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 72568 Sep 29 19:23 LoginLdap-2.2.7.zip
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2968 Jun 15 2013 LoginLdap.README.txt
[root@xxxxxxxxx plugins]#

I have one more query, I was planning to implement SSO using kerebroes, For this I need to disable login in piwiki and my page should redirect to this page with out login


can you help me on this, so that I can enable SSO in http level


@BhanuKakarla commented on September 29th 2014

Hi Diomosis,

Hope you understood , I don't want to prompt for credentials at php level through piwiki, It should login directly with out prompitng any login page, If this can be done, I can use kerberos based authentication in apache level.


@diosmosis commented on September 29th 2014 Member

According to the LoginLdap plugin manifest at version 2.2.7, it requires Piwik version 2.2.1-rc1 or greater. This is why it isn't displaying on the plugins page.

Re SSO: I don't think it's possible to skip the login page entirely, but I'm not too familiar w/ the old code. The session needs to be initialized for the user and that's normally done after the user submits on the login form. I don't know if you have this much control over the system or Piwik, but if you can manage to make an HTTP request that will initialize the session (a request to index.php?module=Login&action=logme&login=userLogin&password=dummy32bytepassword [password must be 32 bytes long, but it shouldn't matter what's there]) it might work.

I'll keep that use case in mind while I rewrite LoginLdap.

@BhanuKakarla commented on October 1st 2014

Hi Diosmosis,

Now I have installed Ldap Login on latest piwiki version, but I was getting a error while logging using that ldap user

Error: could not bind as admin

can you please guide me, On which step I was going wrong

Here are my settings

LDAP Settings

ServerURL : ldaps:///test-example.com/
Server Port : 636
Base DN : DC=example,DC=com
USER ID FIELD : userPrincipalName
Mail Field : mail
Alias Field : cn
Username Suffix / Domain : @example.com
LDAP Bind Username : Ldap admin
ActiveDirectory Group: blank
LDAP search filter : (objectClass=person)


@diosmosis commented on October 2nd 2014 Member

Is "Ldap admin" the cn of your admin user? If so, can you try "cn=Ldap admin,dc=example,dc=com"?

@mattab commented on October 2nd 2014 Owner

@BhanuKakarla for your next question with Ldap plugin please create an issue in this issue tracker instead of the main piwik tracker: https://github.com/Piwik/plugin-LoginLdap/issues/

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