@khromov opened this Issue on September 27th 2014

When updating using core:update, instead of showing the instructions when running it (the "Database Upgrade Required" message), it shows nothing until the update is completed and then shows the message.

This is kind of confusing, instructions should be shown before because it can take a long time to complete updates, making it look like the script has stalled without any message as it is right now.

@mattab commented on September 30th 2014 Owner

Thanks for the suggestion!

@tsteur commented on October 15th 2014 Owner

Just had a look at this / wanted to implement this but noticed after a while I'd have to pass the Output instance of the console to the controller or better refactor most parts into a model or something so it is reusable in the command and CLI does not use Controller at all. Is there another script to update Piwik on CLI beside this one?

Alternatively I was wondering if it is needed at all since one can get all the queries via --dry-run.

@mattab commented on October 17th 2014 Owner

It's useful change: otherwise there could be no output on the console which is confusing UX for users.

+1 to refactor the code.

@tsteur commented on October 19th 2014 Owner

There is always a message (after the update). Maybe it could be enough to only show an initial message?

Otherwise for the person who is going to implement this: It might be a good idea in this case to apply the --dry-run by default (meaning we get rid of this one) and then ask for confirmation whether it shall be executed. Alternatively a --yes parameter (maybe different naming) can be used to confirm this message automatically. The change should be documented / mentioned in blog post

@tsteur commented on November 5th 2014 Owner

See pull request

@mattab commented on November 7th 2014 Owner

Good work @tsteur

This Issue was closed on November 7th 2014
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