@mgazdzik opened this Issue on September 26th 2014 Contributor

It would be nice to have possibility of recognizing when one session is actually continous, regardless visitor_id has changed.
Example use case:

  • user surfs website in logged out state
  • user logs in, continues surfing (page passes user_id to tracking code)
  • use logs out and continues to surf (but without user_id this time)

Piwik should recognize that even if visitor_id has changed/disappeared, this is actually the same visit.

@mattab commented on October 1st 2014 Member

Thanks for suggestion, it makes sense.

  • Current logic: Match pageview to a visit with the same User_ID idvisitor
  • Desired logic: Match pageview to a visit with (the same User_ID idvisitor) OR (the same fingerprinting config_id AND no User_ID idvisitor)

Note: in your example there would be two visits:

  • first visit for logged-out visitor that then logs in (the logged-out pageviews end up in the visit with User_ID)
  • second visit for visitor after he logged-out (visitor without User_ID)
@schmidt commented on November 21st 2014

This is a great addition. Maybe the documentation should be updated accordingly.

@mattab commented on November 22nd 2014 Member

@schmidt thanks for the note! I've updated the section Signing-in use case which was outdated.

@schmidt commented on November 23rd 2014

Great. Thanks for the super quick fix.

@nemnesic commented on December 25th 2014

is this part of the core now? If yes, what version?

@mattab commented on December 28th 2014 Member
This Issue was closed on October 1st 2014
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