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To guarantee we are using always best practice styles for Angular it would be good to have a generator for AngularJS components. I noticed many angular files were copied and for instance the dependencies were not adjusted. Copying other components to have a template is not bad when someone knows what the person does. Problem is for instance when the copied file does not follow guidelines / best practice etc.

We could ask a few question eg. "do you need a template/controller/..." . The generator will make sure to create the files in angularjs folder, to create a file for each component, to have correct filenames as defined in style guide, uses named functions, IIFE, ...

Maybe already in 2.8 or 2.9? As more and more components are added

@mattab commented on September 24th 2014 Member

Sounds good Thomas! it can only help team members and contributors get started faster with building a new AngularJS module. Also we have this goal of doing at least some AngularJS conversion work at every sprint going forward. this tool will come handy!

@tsteur commented on September 25th 2014 Member

So far I have created only a generator to create a new directive since we are using this the most. Once you use AngularJS more often we can add more generators for filters, routes, templates, ...

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