@CarlOrff opened this Issue on September 23rd 2014

Opera's latest releases' rendering engine is still recorded as Presto but this is only true for Opera <= 12. Next version was Opera 15 and it uses Blink (Webkit) since then.

@sgiehl commented on September 23rd 2014 Member

We are currently using an very old detection for browser engines.
The new DeviceDetector will get an engine detection aswell. As soon as that is implemented, we will integrate that in Piwik, so detected engines will be up to date. See piwik/DeviceDetector#5263
Switching that will be done in #3962, so I'll close this ticket.

@mattab commented on September 23rd 2014 Owner

Added a tag "duplicate"

This Issue was closed on September 23rd 2014
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