@tsteur opened this Issue on September 22nd 2014 Member
  • Live.getLastVisitDetails:
    • Maybe add optionally an array of content impressions / interactions but not to actionDetails as it is not really an action.
    • Once this is done we might can implement SegmentAutoSuggest for content tracking segments
    • Maybe add total number of content impressions and interactions
  • Add number of content impressions and interaction to each page in getPageUrl(s)
  • Add number of total content impressions and interactions to visitor profile
  • etc
@mattab commented on October 2nd 2014 Member

Moved to Short term as it is high value to users to be able to get all their user data in the Live API :+1:

@mattab commented on October 10th 2014 Member

Also in #6415 we had some confusion with not displayed Contents views and interactions. I think it would be great to display them in Visitor log. Created an issue Content-tracking: display content views and interactions in the Visitor log #6416

@hpvd commented on July 15th 2016

I think it would be great to display them in Visitor log. Created an issue Content-tracking: display content views and interactions in the Visitor log #6416

highly agree!
any chance to see this in the near future?

@tsteur commented on July 17th 2016 Member

Not in the near future unless someone is keen to sponsor it. Our focus is currently on Piwik 3 and other issues

@tsteur commented on July 25th 2016 Member

@hpvd just btw problem is integrating it into visitor logs takes several days of work if not longer. It's unfortunately not trivial to add any information to the visitor log unless the information is visit related. I would love to add it otherwise for you. I've been working in my free time on Piwik in the last months just btw so I'm a bit limited currently :)

@hpvd commented on July 26th 2016

many thanks for detailed answer. Was not pointing to you and only especially this feature (even if this is imho most important one for many people..)
Just one question: why is a tracked content "not visit related"?
My very simple thinking idea was, that tracking a piece of content has many in common with tracking an event. With this one could reuse lots of existing methods and code..see comments in https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/6416

btw: as many, I'm also doing my humble contribution to piwik (no coding..) in unpaid hours...

@tsteur commented on July 26th 2016 Member

It is visit related, I meant how the information is stored is not directly in the visit table but in an action table and then it starts to get tricky. It requires touching many points in the code and handling lots of cases. It is otherwise similar to events, there are just lots of random parts that need to be touched to do it. Ideally plugins could extend the Visitor Log at some point but this is a whole different story / project.

Also content actions are currently not directly bound to a certain action AFAIK meaning we cannot really tell 100% accurately on which page which content was viewed. I might be wrong here but I think this is the case. Think of cases where a user opens page A, then opens page B in a new tab or something, then goes back to page A and views some pages. I have seen you posted here how it could look: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/6416#issuecomment-211220003 this would work though as we would not directly show that a content was viewed on a certain page. On the other side this can bloat the visitor log a lot. For example on the Marketplace http://plugins.piwik.org/ for each plugin that is in the viewport we track up to 3 content views meaning there can be quickly hundreds meaning other actions are hard to see in the visitor log. If you have an idea for such cases let me know in #6416. Maybe I can have a look on a weekend or something but I cannot promise anything.

@hpvd commented on July 29th 2016

@tsteur many thanks for further details! But - safe your weekend for some private stuff....
just think about putting content elements in visitorlog on a not to far roadmap...

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