@a4tunado opened this Issue on September 20th 2014

For now each call Piwik.Tracker().getVisitorId() returns different UUIDs if visitorUUID is not in cookies. It will be more conviniet for integration with other javascript routine if VisitorUUID will be uniq for all Piwik.Trackers by default and will be available at Piwik level.

@mattab commented on September 21st 2014 Member

Thanks for the pull request!

It looks good and it's a change we want to merge in. Do you think you could also add a test case for it? piwik.js is unit tested and you can run the Javascript tests at: /piwik/tests/javascript/

Maybe you can update your PR and add a test case for the constructor checking the uuid is kept. Cheers

@mattab commented on October 2nd 2014 Member

@a4tunado I can't see the pull request anymore, not sure how to proceed, could you let me know or recreate PR?

@a4tunado commented on October 2nd 2014
@mattab commented on October 2nd 2014 Member


This Issue was closed on October 2nd 2014
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