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When we update to OFC v2 (see #5742) there is a new feature that we will want to use: export the graph as PNG.

Below evolution graph we could show the export as image icon behind the + icon.

Below all other tables, when the data is shown as a graph (pie and bar), we could add a new icon behind the + that would save the graph as an image.

We have two options as to how the graph is generated:

  • either server side
  • locally on the user's browser

I'm not sure if we choose one option and leave the user to decide. What are the use cases for this? Would users download the graph to paste in their word document or report, or would they use the graph to include on their webpage?
In the case we generate graph on the server side and save it, for example, in tmp/graphs/ problem could arise if the user includes the graph <img src=piwik/tmp/graphs/X.png"> and then delete the tmp folder, all graphs would be broken.
It seems safer to force the user to download the graphs on their computer and do their own choice (reupload it if necessary?).

@mattab commented on May 5th 2009 Member

(In [- ADDED search field below data tables is now using the regular expression syntax. For example, a search for "google|yahoo" would match all rows containing "google" or "yahoo". All search strings containing any of the special characters from this list: . \ + * ? ^ ) $ ( ) { } = ! < > | must be escaped with a back slash, eg. if you want to search for keywords containing "piwik!" you would search for "piwik!".

  • ADDED new configuration option: default number of rows returned in API responses "API_datatable_default_limit = 50"
  • REMOVED the automatic generic filters. The limit and sort and safe decode are applied by each module when necessary.
  • removed exact match filter. Now all searches are using regular expressions syntax. Exact match can be done using ^exact search here$
  • fixed notice when natural sort on a non existing column
  • fixed CSV export for datatable_array
  • clarified code for plotting multiple lines in an evolution chart
  • FIXED #624 Added icon "save as image" below all graphs (next to the Export icon)
  • moved all JS functions into the piwikHelper static class
  • added example in ExampleUI plugin to plot only visits from google and yahoo! in 4 lines of code
  • added message when flash is disabled and graph not showing, linking to piwik faq.
  • added expressInstall.swf feature
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