@MichalTomczak opened this Issue on September 16th 2014

Please see below email, I was able to recreate this issue and it looks like a bug, but maybe I'm wrong?

"I’m trying to check the existence of a bug we have on our environment, to see if it exists on your Demo environment. It does, in my opinion.Check the following:
In that page sort based on Bounce rate, so that the rows with 100% bouncerate comes first.
Check the transitions on one of those rows (preferable with more than 2 pageviews).
You notice that is contains data showing “From Internal Pages” and/or “To Internal Pages”
You might notice some rows with 100% bounce rate with on the same row a 50% Exit rate.
Could you please look at this bug?"

@mattab commented on September 17th 2014 Member

Thanks for the report. I can see record with 100% bounce rate and 50% exit rate and 2 pageviews which seem abnormal. Here is a link to transitions to the row.

@mattab commented on July 5th 2016 Member

It was also reported in this forum post with screenshots showing the issue

@EVGR commented on July 7th 2016

Here are some screenshots of my experience of this bug.
Two pictures are rather old, and two are more recent (from June 2016).
Here you can see the page /livsmedel in the report Pages and it has a bouce rate (Avvikelsefrekvens in Swedish) of 100%.
livsmedel 1

But when you look at the transitions you can see visitors moved on to other pages. For exampel 50 % moved on to the page /insidan/.
livsmedel 2

Here's another example. Here you can see that visitor moved on to other pages, for example 67 % went to the page .../miljoprogram-och-mal.

If we look at the bounce rate of the same page in the report Pages we see a 100% bounce rate (marked with a red circle).

Grateful if you could fix this bug as it has made some of our users doubt the statistics.
Best regards,

@symposion commented on September 6th 2019

I believe that this issue is based on a misunderstanding of what Bounce Rate means - because I had exactly the same confusion. The Bounce Rate is the percentage of users who enter on that page who leave immediately. It is not the percentage of total page views that are bounces. Pages that are very rarely entry points to the site tend to have very high bounce rates, since users that end up there often leave immediately (they've somehow entered in the middle of a flow).
It follows that it is totally possible - even expected - for a page with lots of internal entry/exit pages to have a high, even 100% bounce rate. The majority of views will not be entering on that page, so will be irrelevant to the bounce rate. The small handful of visitors that enter on that page tend to leave immediately, thus giving rise to the high bounce rate.

@EVGR commented on September 9th 2019

Perhaps you are correct. I found that bounce rate is calculated using this formula:
entry_bounce_count (single page visits on this page) / entry_nb_visits (all visits that started on this page)
So the total page views are not considered here. Could be good to clarify this even more in the gui.
The transitions report considers the total page views and that is why you can not compare it to bounce rate numbers.
Thanks for explaining this to me!
Best regards,

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