@mattab opened this Issue on September 14th 2014 Member

The goal of this issue is to use a generic logger tool in Piwik and the Tracker API (such as monolog) and then implement logging of particular actions such as goals, ecommerce, events, content interactions.

The scope of this issue is limited to implementing a new logger (maybe it needs its own issue later) + adding consistent action events in Tracker API.

Later users could buid a plugin or several plugins to allow customising the logging to particular services via a new user interface or new setting.

Examples & future uses

  • Receive an email when a particular Goal is converted
  • Get notified by SMS whenever an ecommerce sale occurs
  • send message to Zapier which integrates with dozens of webservices #5938
  • Maybe the message could be posted to WebSockets too #6054
  • Send a message to a chat channel on IRC, Slack or Hipchat when there is a particular Contents interactions tracked #4996
  • Send a Desktop notification whenever a goal or given event occurs #4530


  • Introduce new logging framework such as monolog
  • keeping Backward compatibility for existing plugins
  • Modify Piwik Tracker to re-use this logger
  • Update the auto generated Log documentation http://developer.piwik.org/api-reference/Piwik/Log and the faq
  • Add new postEvent calls to trigger events when each action type or conversion is tracked.

This feature will open up many great possibilities to Piwik users to consume their data, as Monolog eg provides drivers to write data to emails, to Slack, and many others.

Feel free to contribute ideas in comments!

@mnapoli commented on November 9th 2014 Contributor

I'm not sure if domain events belong to the log… I don't have a strong opinion though, but what about:

  • keeping the log for technical events, warnings, errors, etc... I.e. follow the application's health
  • use a separate "notification system" for logging domain events?
@moritzsternemann commented on October 3rd 2017

I saw that monolog is currently part of the repo.
May I ask what the current state of this issue is?

@mattab commented on October 4th 2017 Member

Here is what we discussed so far about this issue (but no work was done yet):

  • implement a logging of all important Tracking API actions (new visit, new sale, new conversion, new click, new page, new search, etc.).

  • there could be a feature for Piwik to create a payload and send a web-hook whenever a tracking API occurs. For example we could post all "Sales" to a chat system like Slack, etc.

  • ideally we would directly start by creating an official Piwik integration with Zapier to already support integrating these events into many services https://zapier.com/
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