@mattab opened this Issue on September 10th 2014 Member

The goal of this issue to let a user back-fill the goal conversions data for days in the past after having created a new goal. The benefits will be that Goal reports will be available for days in the past, even for new created goals: awesome!

Here is an idea of a solution: we need a new console command:

  • given a date range,
  • given a goal ID,
  • ./console goals:backfill-conversions --date-range="2014-01-01,2014-02-01" --idgoal=1
  • it goes through the visits and actions log and look only for visits or actions that trigger a goal conversion for any of the goals.


  • invalidate the archived data after re-creating goal conversions in past dates. (will benefit from: #5932).
  • if manually running a console command is not user friendly enough it may be possible to schedule the Backfill automatically as a scheduled task, eg. a setting for a goal Backfill data for this goal of a given goal or so.
  • add new FAQ to document command
  • add mention in Goal Tracking user guide
  • a console command working on logs already exists as geoIpUpdateRows and will be deprecated by new: #6146


  • building an easy to use console command,
  • refactor code to re-use the Tracker logic with existing log,
  • test it on large instance,
  • write automated tests,
  • create user guide and faq
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