@gaumondp opened this Issue on September 9th 2014

New feature request mainly useful in Visitors=>Devises, Settings and Locations&Provider:

Global switch in those reports to get percentages instead of numbers in reports. Or maybe at Widget level?

Use case: How to know if internet usage of Windows 8 is growing or how smartphone vs. desktop is going?

Just using numbers is not helping and opening "Row evolution" still draw graphs from numbers only.

This graph with percentage would be useful for example:

See also #5096 that adress the general lack of options to display and use percents in Piwik.


@mattab commented on September 9th 2014 Member

Thanks for starting the discussion on this important topic. Some ideas:

  • for graphs eg. screenshot above, maybe in the tooltip of each value we could show a relative % value?
  • on hover on graph, maybe the Y axis would show the % relative value eg 43770 (40%). This way users would be informed of the % value on all graphs where it makes sense.
  • row evolution graphs would show the % values as well, and maybe we could display some relative value on hover on the metric sparkline and text below?
@gaumondp commented on September 10th 2014

From my point of view, tooltips are not enough. A menu item or a link with "switch to % instead of numbers" would gives more insight of the evolution. The graph above would aslo need to replace 43770 (the maximum desktop visits) to 100%.

Using demo.piwik.org, take Visitors=> Devices and switch to Piechart or Vertical Bar graph. Those would be useful again with percentage visible instead of "pure" numbers.

We already got percents when overing over Device pie chart but it's "hidden", If I save the graph to paste it in a quick and dirty report, I will not have those %.

I'm away from my own Piwik installation and can't look at PDF reports but I presume you can't get them have percents visible at the moment. This should be another possibility to get those infamous % printed somewhere. ;)

Thanks Matt for your interest in this feature.


@kylekatarnls commented on September 10th 2014 Contributor

Yes, it would be great to can switch unity to percentage and directcly see the curve increase/decrease. I will try something.

@gaumondp commented on October 10th 2014

Just wanted to add that % are something and printing them as requested in https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/6248 is also related from my point of view.

@luflow commented on November 6th 2014

Just my two cents: For me the global switch would also be much more useful than a tooltip :)

@gaumondp commented on April 13th 2015

Sorry to bump this again but I find it frustrating that the data is already there and mouse-over is still needed... I wish I was a coder or rich enough to pay for it and related #6526 and #6248.

Can we dream about those being part of Piwik 3.0 ?


@patriiiiiiiiiick commented on May 7th 2015


@PhilipRoy commented on August 6th 2015

+1 from me too ;-)

@tsteur commented on October 8th 2015 Member

Can see how this is useful. The actual numbers are not really useful but instead the relation to other numbers is more important so +1 from me to show percentage first and the actual number on hover or both at the same time. Maybe, alternatively, there could be a checkbox in the table footer to switch it or so, not sure.

@hpvd commented on January 26th 2016

This also helps to solve the problem of different magnitudes (scaling) of different data on y-axle.
(Without it one need a solution to show different Y-axles with different scaling for each shown data...)
but one should keep the possibility to switch back to abolute data.

@tsteur commented on January 26th 2016 Member

I hope we can work on this earlier than long term :) Seeing relative data compared to absolute data is important in order to be able to analyze it :+1:

@johsin18 commented on July 23rd 2018 Contributor


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