@mattab opened this Issue on September 9th 2014 Owner

The goal of this issue is to create a Matomo Privacy seal / badge, that a website can publish, that will let users be informed on the settings of a given Matomo installation.

This campaign would promote both Piwik and privacy.

-> Goal is to make Matomo users showcase that they care about privacy, and respect their users, gaining trust amongst their audience.

Define what gets communicated via this seal:

  • IP anonimisation detected or not,
  • old logs deleted or not,
  • DoNotTrack enabled or not,
  • Notify if enable_fingerprinting_across_websites is set to 1 allowing fingerprinting cross websites,
  • whether third party cookies are enabled, ...

See related feature to inform users in opt-out iframe: #2889
Maybe we could display the privacy seal in the opt-out iframe
Maybe we could register our Piwik Privacy seal as an Open badge
Refs #6160
Refs #12600

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