@hpvd opened this Issue on September 7th 2014

Do not track function (dnt) setting - 3.state needed
to prevent distorted statistics

At this time one could choose in Piwiks settings between two states of do not track function:
1) respect it (enable do not track support - this is recommend by piwik)
2) don't care about it (disable do not track support => track everyone)

Maybe this is a little hard and only black/white
-> especially since there are some large browsers (some IE 10,11) which set "do not track" as there standard/default/automatic setting even if it would be fine for the the visitor -but he was not asked before...
=> having this the statistics we get from Piwik for our sites could be really distorted when enabling full do not track support (1)

With the "CustomOptOut" plugin the vistor have the possibility to Opt Out from tracking on our site with the click a button - > this possibility is great and the active choose of the visitor should be respected.
But as mentioned before activating support for do not track in general could distort our statistics...

A way to solve this, could be a third stated of setting
3) disable standard do not track support but respect "Active Opt Out" from users button click

@mattab commented on September 13th 2014 Member

3) disable standard do not track support but respect "Active Opt Out" from users button click

That's a nice idea, how would you see this notification sent to the user? Maybe there is an existing notification style or standard that could be used. The tracking preference would be stored on a per-website and per-client configuration (in a cookie). So it risks to re-appear from time to time if that's ok. Maybe we could use internal browser storage too...

Also maybe we could better explain our support of DoNotTrack. In particular currently Piwik tracks all IE browsers even if they have DNT set. Maybe some users want to enable a new setting ensuring 100% support for DNT including for IE users. (just found there is an issue at: #3531)

@hpvd commented on September 13th 2014

thanks for telling you like this idea too!
just trying to clarify: the main goal from this was a 3. setting only for piwik backend/admin.
For the users/vistors everything should keep the same: one could give them access to 1 opt out button
-this button is already available via the plugin "custom opt out"
see piwik marketplace
or https://github.com/Zeichen32/PiwikCustomOptOut

@hpvd commented on September 13th 2014

maybe this could be solved together by piwik core plus the plugin customOptout.
Just opened a Issue in their list too:

@mattab commented on July 1st 2019 Member

Thanks for the report. We likely won't work on this but will hopefully implement in the future a partial counting for DoNotTrack visits: https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/12001

This Issue was closed on July 1st 2019
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