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currently to install a plugin users have to unzip the plugin, then upload the PluginName directory into plugins/PluginName, and then go the admin and enable it. It is quite confusing and could be made much more simpler, by providing:

  • upload the plugin.zip ; piwik would unzip the file, check that it contains one directory with the name of the plugin, check that the PluginName.php file is present, copy the directory in plugins/ and reload the page where the user can enable the plugin.
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@anonymous-matomo-user commented on December 17th 2012


with my plugin-installer plugin it is possible to upload and install a zip-filed plugin
install autoUpdater from http://plugin.suenkel.org

after install
Settings -> Pluginstore -> advanced -> Upload Zipfile

@mattab commented on December 18th 2012 Member

Could you please submit a simple and clear patch for the trunk modification (since it goes in core of course :)

@mattab commented on September 6th 2013 Member

Not MVP: we could specify a URL to the .zip of the plugin. For example, tickets in the Piwik trac would give very clearly the URL to the latest version of the plugin in the ticket description. Users would just have to copy paste the URL in the field, click OK, and same process as above would happen.

@tsteur commented on October 1st 2013 Member

In e58b0d1efc28225f5599946a40fefbee20f5a74f: refs #607 added possibility to install a plugin or theme by uploading a ZIP file

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In 8335245d08d201cad174b158f202e24286aae440: refs #607 display upload ZIP file link only if user is superUser

@tsteur commented on October 1st 2013 Member

In b636f6dcce4d5a6e91ffcbd83a2cd88fb5328b12: refs #607 display a message in case user has not selected a zip file

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In bc1db7916a84fe2bd5f90bd932c1a640df861206: refs #607 make sure user uploads a ZIP file

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