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Very useful to track different visits from various medium, sources. For example on the page great barrier reef a piwik user uses it to track twitter VS facebook VS standard search engine results VS adwords!

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on March 9th 2010

hi, i searched for a way to track links from a newsletter this way an it does it fine for me!
but for a better presentation in actions/sites i use 'setCustomUrl' and then the paramter
?piwik_campaign won't work anymore. got any idea for a solution ?


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heinetz: please don't use Trac for technical support questons. I believe I've answered your question in the forum already.

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heinetz, see #1198

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Documentation written by idw in #1164 (should be updated when all tickets from #1042 are done)


You can use campaigns to monitor how effective links you send out through things like your email list or twitter. Campaigns allow you to add an extra bit of information to any link you make to your site that will let Piwik recognize visitors who have followed that link.

For example, you launch a big marketing campaign for summer. Instead of sending out links http://example.org/ you would send out a link to http://example.org?piwik_campaign=summer.

Note: If the address you want to link to already includes a ? you should replace the ? before piwik_campaign with an &. For example:
http://example.org becomes http://example.org?piwik_campaign=summer
http://example.org?q=1 becomes http://example.org?q=1&piwik_campaign=summer

You do not need to configure campaigns names in advance. Just use them in a link and visitors following those links will be tracked as campaign referrers and you will be able to monitor them in the Campaigns screen under the Referrers section of Piwik:


To add a little more precision to the tracking you can specify different channels for your campaign by adding a second parameter so your link might read http://example.org?piwik_campaign=summer&piwik_kwd=newsletter.

If you use keywords, you will be able to click on the name of the campaign to see the campaign referrers broken down by keyword. In this example, the summer campaign has had two visitors, one via the newsletter keyword and one with no keyword:


You will probably want to know more about your campaign visitors than just how many there were. The More metrics button, second from the left under the table and highlighted in red below, will help you understand what those visitors did on your site:


= Advanced Configuration =
If you would prefer not to have piwik_campaign and piwik_kwd in your links you can change the names of these parameters in Piwiks configuration file. Your Piwik installation will have a subdirectory called config and in that subdirectory is a file called config.ini.php. If you add the following lines to the bottom of that file then you will be able to use x and y in place of piwik_campaign and piwik_kwd:

campaign_var_name = x
campaign_keyword_var_name = y

You do not have to use x and y. You can use whatever is convenient for you.

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(In [4571]) Fixes #604, #1042

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@shogunjames commented on May 11th 2015


I need to get the revenue from the newsletter campaign in the shopping site (built in magento).

I am getting the visitor counts in piwik, But not able to get the revenue from each newsletter campaign in piwik.

Can anybody help me to do it.

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@shogunjames to get the revenue for each of your newsletter, go to Goals > click on your goal, then look down to "View goals by referrer type / by campaign". It should show the revenue for each Goal of your referrer (including newsletter)

@shogunjames commented on May 19th 2015

Hi mattab ,

Thanks for the reply.

You mean , I need to go to "Ecommerce & Goals" tab in piwik, And select "View goals by Referrers " , there I can see the Campaigns section. There the number of visitors is showing correctly, But I am not getting the revenue. I have not created any goals manually. Is there any need to create goal by me?

I have made this done by clicking from the newsletter like this


Now the click status is showing correctly, but I dont know how to track the revenue , if they have brought anything from the magento shop site.

Could you please help me on this.

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@shogunjames Ok please create a new report here on github (as this issue here was closed long time ago). in your issue please attach screenshot of the whole Ecommerce report page if possible. we will investigate, it could be a bug (also make sure you use 2.13.1 as some bug related to this were fixed recently)

@shogunjames commented on May 19th 2015

Hi Mattab,

Thank you for your reply,

I have attached a screenshot from my piwik insttalation where I am checking the campaign status.

I am using a magento site for ecommerce activities , and we are sending newlstters to our customers.

I need to get the revenue I got from each newsletter , when they came to the site by clicking the urls in the newsletter and when they purchase a product.

I hope it is clear for you.

Also I have enabled ecommerce for my magento site and installed piwik ecommerce extension in my site. This is the piwik code which is on the source code of the success page after the order is placed.


var pkBaseURL = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "piwiksiteurl" : "piwikurl");
document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + pkBaseURL + "piwik.js' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E"));

try {
var piwikTracker = Piwik.getTracker(pkBaseURL + "piwik.php", 1);

} catch( err ) {}

This is the screenshot :


My current piwik version is 2.1.0 . Should I need to upgrade this? If I upgrade will I get the total revenue from each newsletter I send out?

@shogunjames commented on June 15th 2015


I have piwik ( version : 2.13.1) installed. I am using a magento store. I have installed piwik ecommerce tracking extension in magento to track the ecommerce order in piwik. I also managed to get the revenue from campaign too. But after one month , it stopped working.

I am using the following url from campaign :

[store porduct page url]?pk_campaign=june16&pk_kwd=odernow

to track the campaign revenue, and it was working fine.But now the revenue is not tracking, only the number of visits is showing.

Could you please help me. I need to solve it asap.

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@shogunjames please don't double post, you asked here already: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/8113

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