@MortenGalaxy opened this Issue on August 20th 2014

Today it's not possible to export data from the transitions map. An export to csv/excel would make sense.

@GKinMD commented on September 5th 2014

This would be an excellent feature. I know this report is particularly important to one of my customers.

@gaumondp commented on September 17th 2014

Export is good but "printing" is also an issue because of the "popover".

Would it make sense to also have a print function for those popover in general ?

@mattab commented on September 18th 2014 Member

@gaumondp absolutely, that's a very sensible idea. can you create an issue? A generic "Print" button on hover on the top bar eg. would be great (or simply when printing via browser). Maybe a custom print css?

@gaumondp commented on September 18th 2014

Request #6248 added : "Make all Transitions or Row Evolutions popovers printable"

@chriscollingridge commented on January 9th 2015

It would also be useful (either in the UI or in an export) to see the full list of pages, rather than having only the top 5 pages before/after this page and everything else grouped in "Other".

@Keelymim commented on August 12th 2015

i really need this

@muehlburger commented on January 11th 2016

I would also really need to export transitions!

@mattab commented on March 28th 2017 Member

I reckon this is super important. One of the last places in Piwik which cannot be easily exported from the UI by one click is Transitions report.

When exporting transitions data we should export more than the 5 per group being displayed. By default maybe we could export 50 per group? (usually users need to export and see as much of the data as possible).

Be great if the export button can open the standard export data popover (which also shows the API export URL).

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